Monday, September 1, 2014

Cover Story | September 2014

It is nearly impossible to speak of Audrey Hepburn and find someone who hasn't been inspired by her style or compassion. It is quite possible, however, to overlook her family legacy. In this month's issue of Harper's Bazaar, we're given insight to the life of a young artist who just so happens to be the beloved Audrey's granddaughter.

At age 20, Emma Ferrer is a third year art student at the Florence Academy of Art. She doesn't appear to have aspirations of acting, nor the unpleasant stigma of being born into a famous family line. In fact, she believes living in Florence since her mid-teens has shielded her from that. What she does have is a persona-- from what can be captured through this article-- that is amiable and curious.

"I've been questioning a lot lately what she means to me. I knew her image, of course, and that I happened to be, by pure chance, related to her."

As Audrey's oldest grandchild, Emma relates to her grandmother through the stories told by her father, Sean Ferrer. Her father says both his mother and daughter are similar in that they share the same love for ballet, and a knack for comedy. Perhaps when she takes the rare moment to watch one of her grandmother's films, such as her favorite, Funny Face, it's the comedy that appeals to her. When it comes to the actress Audrey Hepburn, however, Emma says she enjoys her just as anyone else would-- a romantic artistry no doubt. Any other time, her memories rely on the family stories, and her grandmother's cashmere turtlenecks she wears each winter.

For the cover, the famous turtlenecks are set aside. Instead, Emma so elegantly dons an amazing jacket from Ralph Lauren Collection and Bucellatti earings. The simplicity of her makeup, done by Armando Cherillo for Pier Giuseppe Moroni, accentuates her distinct features, and her up-do, crafted by Martina D'Andrea, is sleek.

There isn't much mention of photographer Michael Avedon whose work can be seen here. And no presumptuous claim that he might take Emma as muse, such as his grandfather took Audrey. Still, there's always the possibility of future collaborations as the Florence darling is soon to relocate to NYC where the young Avedon resides.

Surely we'll become more acquainted with Emma once she's stateside. For her art, most likely, but maybe one day, her style.

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Pick up your copy of Harper's Bazaar's Fall Fashion Issue today for the fashion details and full story by Pamela Fiori.

Harper's Bazzar Newsstand Cover, Sept. 2014 | Lady Gaga

photos | Michael Avedon for Harper's Bazaar
fashion editor | Joanna Hillman

Sunday, August 31, 2014

August Outtakes

There's always a space for an emoji! Read more.
Summer is a time to get out and explore, and the month of August was definitely full of that. As you've read, dré wasn't so much California Dreamin'...she was there soaking up the sun!

And, din moved from Georgetown in Washington, DC to a cute neighborhood in Arlington, VA. Taking a break from unpacking and organizing meant exploring the area. Besides, with new wheels...why not?!
Orange + fuchsia; two colors that compliment din's eyes. Read more.
We've said it before, and we'll keep saying it...we belong in California! Read more.

You know that wherever we went, we made a splash! Color, sparkle, and a couple fairytales for summer and fall kept us inspired this month.

That and Glitter Off polish and Oil Wonders products. Those alone are enough to get any fashionista out bed!

din's look to the "Once Upon A Time" fashion show
There are some "Last Chance" pieces that need to be stored after Labor Day, white isn't one of them. Read more.
din out and about in her new neighborhood!
dré's oldest turned 8! A #sweethuit it was-- read more.

We look forward to more adventures that encourage us to call and check in on our friends and family. We love adventure! Still, we know that no matter where we escape to (and how much fun we're having), there's no place that's quite like home.

din visits Baltimore, MD to cheer on the Seattle Mariners. Anyone see her on tv? Read more.

Thanks for reading this month!
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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Last Chance

Tomorrow is the last day of August. Although I will continue to revel in every warm day until fall is upon us, there are certain items in my wardrobe that I feel I need to retire until next summer...or until I'm on an island.

This last year, I spent my birthday in Roseau, Dominica. My hubby had taken me out for a fab lunch and tastey treats, which of course led to shopping ( don't all things lead to shopping?! ). I really wanted to find something unique from that city to always remind me of my trip. 

I came across this 2-piece set from a vendor by where the cruise ships were coming in. I fell in love with the print of the fabric and knew it was a must. So here is my final chance in 2014 to rock this look from the island. Summer, I love you! You'll always be in my heart! Until next year...

xo | dré 

2 piece set | street vendor in Roseau, Dominica
wedges | Mossimo 

Friday, August 29, 2014

Don't Hide Your Sparkle

Don't hide your sparkle. You never know to whom it's giving hope.

xo | din 

glitter polish | Pop the Cork! by OPI
base coat | Orlon Base Coat by Orly

Trouble removing your glitter polish? Here's a helpful tip, read more.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

California Dreamin'

It's that time of year again. The season that most moms are practically doing handsprings for, back-to-school, has me feeling saddened. This summer has been so fun and next week it's back to the grind.

These photos are from my final day in Cali...I. Did. Not. Want. To. Leave. It was such a beautiful and perfectly warm day, but I was cold in my car with the A/C on, and hot when I turned it off, so I just through on my new sweater that I got at Lulu in San Francisco. It's so comfy, I'm beyond obsessed with it!

So for now, I'll just dream of California, the great time we had together, and continue to count down the days until I can live in a sunshine paradise year-round. 

xo | dré 

sweater | Lululemon 
top | H&M 
shorts | H&M 
sandals | dolce vita
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