Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Cooler Day

After a week of blazing temps of 106° and higher, it's hard to believe its in the 70's today! It's probably for the best though. Washington has been having some crazy fires that have spread throughout the eastern side of the state! I think some cooler temperatures and even the bit of rain we have had the past couple days are much needed. I'm sure the firefighters are appreciative as well!

Today's look is casual with a bit of edge. It's a perfect day for jeans and a tank top! My boots are keeping my feet dry from the soggy grass, and my vest gives a little extra flare. Like it?

xo | dré 

top | Urban Behavior 
vest | H&M 
jeans | BCBG 
boots | Report 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Coca-Cola Red

code name: drédin

The Coca-Cola collection is one of OPI's latest sets of polish and we are loving it! Although there are several of the polishes that we fancy, you can never go wrong with a classic red. Not to mention, although it's far from healthy, Coke has got to be one of the most classic drinks of summer! It's tasty too ;)

xo | drédin 

polish | OPI Coca-Cola Red

Thursday, July 17, 2014

My Personal Canvas

I love what I do. From time to time I think to myself, "If I didn't do hair, what would I do?"  I've yet to come up with an answer. I honestly feel like there would be a void in my life without it!

Now let me tell you, the best part of being an artist, is getting to create. It's so energizing to dream up ideas and play. I cannot think of anyone else that I've gotten to experiment with more than my mom. Remember when I chopped her hair off last year?

A couple days ago, she came to me with an idea for a new cut. The inspiration was too fabulous to not consider it! So we got together, and I placed her hair where I thought it would compliment her features best. It looked so fun just imagining it, that we decided it was a must!

Below is her transformation. What do you think?

xo | dré 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Crown Jewels

A couple nights ago I did something experimental for me with my nails. 

You know those nail appliqués that have been around for a few years now? Well I found some that caught my eye about 10 months ago, and had yet to use them! They looked beautiful in the packaging, but I had no idea how difficult they would be to apply, or how they would last. 

Here's my verdict: They were pretty easy as far as application. As far as their longevity, I was not impressed. By the end of the next day they were already starting to peel off. I don't know if it is the brand, or the fact that I have my hands in water more often than most from styling hair. 

All in all, I think I'll stick to a polished manicure, unless I have a particular event that I would want to wear them for. Still, they did turn out pretty. Don't you think?

xo | dré 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Wind Turbines

Yesterday I took a trip to Moses Lake with my family to best the heat at the water park. It was a perfect way to spend the day in the hot sun. Even our drive was beautiful! On our way back home, I had to stop and take some photos of these gigantic wind turbines. The photos don't do them justice of what they look like in person!

Now about my outfit. I went super simple and casual. A maxi dress, sandals, and shades. Don't you love how effortless summer is?! 

xo | dré

dress | H&M 
sandals | dolce vita 
sunglasses | Kenneth Cole Reaction 
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